7 Ways To Reduce Belly Fat Fast At Home ; How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

7 Ways To Reduce Belly Fat Fast At Home Naturally
7 Ways To Reduce Belly Fat Fast At Home Naturally

If you are looking for natural ways to reduce belly fat at home, you have to address what causes belly fat in women before going for a remedy. I have listed 7 steps that can help you to reduce belly fat in 7 days.

If you are wondering how to get rid of unnecessary belly fat, or how to shape your belly you are at the right place. The truth is that it is the leading cause of insecurity among women who are either married or not.

According to a survey done by Health Planes, 67% of Asian women said that they feel insecure and want to lose undefined belly fat as it is their biggest concern.

Here we have listed 11 tips that would help you to lose belly fat in just one month.

What is belly fat?

Firstly, let's develop an understanding of what we are talking about.

Belly fat is a layer of fat, wrapping the abdominal area and waist. It is a subcutaneous (anything that lies under the skin) fat layer. Its main purpose is to provide a source of heat and energy to the vital organs.

If it is controlled and present in a normal amount, it is quite good and healthy. But when it is present in bulk, wrapping the waist, now it is a matter of concern.

How can you know that you have got a condition that should be addressed?

In acute belly fat issues, your stomach comes out, which is also called "beer gut Or "beer belly"".Bloating should not be confused with it, bloating is something that comes and goes.

7 Ways To Reduce Belly Fat Fast At Home Naturally

How much belly fat is normal?

If you are a woman your body will store a little bit more belly fat to be fully functional.

To your surprise, fat cells store estrogen. If you have too little, your hormonal function can go out, causing irregular periods and other health issues.

Six-packs and abs would not be a healthy choice for women, as healthy belly fat limits for women range between 21-30%.

You are not in this range?

Let's talk about tips that can improve the condition, and give shape to your belly?

Trying to get rid of unnecessary belly fat comes down to adopting a few behaviors.

It's not about any extraordinary gym workout and burning calories, it's up to daily activities and intake of the right nutrition. Managing stress and sleep issues is also key.

Steps To Getting Rid Of Belly Fat

If you are ready, let's start listing one by one.

1.  Calorie count

Keep a check on your calorie consumption and expenditure. To lose all kinds of body fats, you have to be in a calorie deficit. It means you have to burn more calories than usual in general living.

The best way to start is to monitor what you eat.

When you take a large number of calories, it goes to three destinations:

1. To keep you alive

Some is consumed to maintain normal body functioning such as brain, heart, and muscles

To produce energy.

2. Energy production

Some calories burn and give energy in the form of ATP.

3. Stored fat

And excess is stored as body fat, specifically in the belly.

To hit your goals, you can use calorie counters. 

2. Focus on general weight loss

You can't shed belly fat without dropping overall body fat. Drop 1x pounds of body weight to lose 3x body fat.

Fasting can be helpful to drop weight. There are a lot of options to choose from for fasting. But unlimited fasting is of no use. Intermittent and restricted fasting is a healthy approach, that should be done by doctor consultation.

3. Eat nutrients full foods

You have no need to eat less, happy news for you all. It is about cutting down calories. Keep a check on calorie intake whatever you're eating. Experts suggest building your meals around fresh vegetables, unprocessed carbs, and some source of protein.

If you are a vegetarian, you can add a handful of dry fruits( nuts) such as cashew, walnut, and almonds.

Leafy green vegetables are also a great boost to meet your target.

Make sure to start with small changes, check what works for you, and then adapt it. The route leads to long-term change.

Foods to avoid

Following foods should be cut down from your plate.

Processed food/canned food

A great inducer for belly fat, which is packed with large amounts of calories, sugar, and fats.

Sweetened sugar drinks

These drinks add excess calories to your meals but also encourage belly fat to increase. Sugar we can say fructose helps fat cells to mature early and hence increases unhealthy body fat.

The main portion of liquor stored as fat.

Allergic foods

If you are allergic to some food, your stomach is not liking it, it will give panic signals and your body will store it for an emergency.

Sauces and toppings

Use calories free herbs and condiments instead of sauces and toppings.

7 Ways To Reduce Belly Fat Fast At Home Naturally;

4. Do more NEAT

NEAT is non-exercise activity thermogenesis.

This is the activity that is is done outside the gym.

The time you are performing daily house chores such as cleaning rooms, going to the bakery, and walking around with your pet, that is NEAT.

NEAT is a key factor to burn excessive calories. It improves your overall body functioning too, aiding heart activity, muscle growth, and controlling sugar and cholesterol levels.

NEAT can be increased by choosing walking instead of taking a ride, choosing stairs over elevators, and helping in household chores.

5. Watch your stress

'Stress is an evolutionary factor that we adopt to survive. But persistent and ever-happened stress may increase body fat. During stress, our kidneys send cortisol that is known as both inflammatory as well as antilipolytic meaning anti-fat burning. To manage stress, you have to keep your blood pressure level regulated. Here is how you can manange blood pressure with food.

 Best foods for high blood pressure

How did this happen?

When we are in an emergency situation, our body releases extra glucose to fight the situation.

The same happens when you are not getting enough sleep, eating junk food, or exercising less.

7 Ways To Reduce Belly Fat Fast At Home Naturally

6. Monitor quality of sleep

NREM sleep or deep sleep is not only necessary to reduce the risk of cognitive decline but also reduce the waist around your belly.

7. Take a sunbath

Vitamin D deficiency is responsible for the increase of total body fat including belly fat. Vitamin D is associated with exposure to sunlight.

Moreover, vitamin D can also be obtained from food and supplements

Following everything above in the list. Still not losing enough belly fat. You have to address the ratio of good to bad bacteria in your gut.

According to the latest research, Firmicutes bacteria are flocked in the intestines of overweight people. These bacteria encourage the body to absorb more calories.

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